CYL Arizona
November 6 – 9, 2015 – Phoenix, Arizona
The Most Extraordinary Soul-Fest Of The Year

Keynote Speakers

Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson
Friday, November 6, 2015 @ 7pm

Iyanla Vanzant

Iyanla Vanzant
Sunday, November 8, 2015 @ 4pm

Wayne Dyer

Dr. Wayne Dyer In Spirit
Saturday, November 7, 2015 @ 8.30am


Gregg Braden
Gregg Braden
Neale Donald Walsch
Neale Donald Walsch
Colette Baron Reid
Colette Baron Reid
Michael Beckwith
Michael Beckwith
John Holland
John Holland
Don Miguel Ruiz
Don Miguel Ruiz
Anita Moojani
Anita Moojani

Join the world’s top healers, thought-leaders and spiritual teachers as they share their collective wisdom for the Soul-awakening event of the year.

Life-Changing Experiences - Discover connection, healing, growth and guidance on a whole new level as you explore the farthest corners of your soul and the highest realms of consciousness.

You’ll Reconnect with Your Soul Family - Become a member of the loving community of like-minded seekers, believers and angels sent to support and accept you for being exactly who you are.

Contribute to the World Around You - Unlock your unique gifts and abilities as you step confidently into your destiny and realize your life purpose as you help raise the vibration of the whole world, one soul at a time.

Celebrate Life - Join in the soul-fest, dance with the universe and appreciate life in all its magic and wonder.

Masterclass, Transformational Workshop and Summit all rolled into one.

Dr. Wayne Dyer
A Legacy of Love - We’ll miss you...

Wayne Dyer

As most of you are aware, Wayne passed away on August 30, 2015. Although he will not be at Celebrate Your Life in person, he will be present in spirit.

During Wayne’s regularly scheduled speaking slot we will present a program featuring several of the CYL speakers, including Marianne Williamson and Neale Donald Walsch, as they lead us in celebrating Wayne and honoring his legacy.

Without exception, begin every day of your life with gratitude. As you look in the mirror, say, "Thank you, God, for life, for my body, for my family and loved ones, for this day, and for the opportunity to be of service. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

- Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

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We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.
We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

What you’ll experience at Celebrate Your Life

Reason 1
1. You’ll Connect With Your Soul Family

Our participants always tell us how grateful they are to be among the extraordinary individuals who attend Celebrate Your Life Conferences.

In this sacred space, you’ll meet and connect with seekers, healers, messengers, angels, soul brothers, spirit sisters —even soulmates— from all around the world and from all walks of life.

This awesome soul-fest is unlike any event you’ve ever attended because we all get to learn and grow together in a safe and loving environment of like-minded people who truly want the very best for you.

If we really are the average of the five people we spend the most time with - you’re going to be amazed at what’s possible when you’re surrounded by your Soul Family this weekend!

You might just walk away with the energy, certainty, confidence and inspiration you need to make your life extraordinary.

And you’ll definitely want to keep coming back again and again.

2. You’ll Open and Expand Your Awareness

The Celebrate Your Life experience was designed to help open and expand your awareness - of yourself, your emotions, and the world around you.

The lessons you learn here can shape the direction of your life and the lives of everyone around you, but you have to be open and ready to receiving these messages.

The results? You’ll begin to experience revelations, self-discoveries and lightbulb moments as you bring your focus to the areas of your life that might need a little love and attention.

You’ll find that you’re able to forgive more, laugh more and fully embrace the very best version of yourself.

3. You’ll Enrich Your Life Experiences

Attending CYL can be an important first step on a long overdue spiritual journey, or it could represent a new beginning on the path to the life you desire, but one thing’s for sure… this will forever change the way you experience your life.

With an open mind, a hopeful heart and an adventurous spirit, you’ll approach anything and everything in your life with a new sense of wonder and appreciation.

Relationships, energy, health, career, family, even finances will fall into balance as you move forward with certainty and confidence in yourself and your decisions.

You’ll see the world through the eyes of enlightenment, forgiveness and love as you begin to trust in your intuition.
And just by being more of who you truly are - you’ll become a beacon of hope and inspiration in the lives of everyone around you.

4. You’ll Celebrate in the Light

At Celebrate Your Life, we’re dedicated to creating powerful experiences and memories that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Everywhere you look you’ll find opportunities to share in music, laughter, dancing, meditation, healing, guidance and connection. This is your chance to let your hair down, peel away the layers and just let your soul shine through. Embrace the light in yourself, acknowledge the light in others and celebrate!

5. Your Gifts Will Radiate Out Into the World

Celebrate Your Life is more than just another spiritual conference – it’s a movement. Many attendee find themselves awakening to gifts and abilities they weren’t aware of. Some even see visions of their true purpose. But almost all participants discover a calling to contribute to the world in some special way.

What begins as a light within you can radiate out into the world and create real change.

For twenty years, Mishka Productions has been dedicated to bringing you the very best in spiritual and transformational learning so that you too can answer this call and begin sharing your gifts.

Join us and become a part of this movement.
Life-changing Master Class Sessions

Your ticket to the main event includes three life-changing Master Class sessions with visionary teachers including Iyanla Vanzant, Marianne Williamson and a beautiful tribute to the life and legacy of Dr. Wayne Dyer. You’ll also gain access to six breakout sessions so you can truly customize your CYL experience.

Here’s just a few examples of what’s truly possible for you:
Celebrate 20th
Celebrate 20th

Celebrating Our 20 Year Anniversary

As a special treat for all Main Event ticket holders, you’re invited to the Celebrate Your Life 20th Anniversary Gala Dinner Party.

Join us in looking back at two decades of healing, love and transformation with millions of people from all around the world whose lives have been touched by Mishka Productions.

Enjoy a dinner and entertainment on us as a thank you for coming to the event and for being a beloved member of our Soul Family.

You won’t want to miss this memorable night… and it’s bound to be full of surprises.

Your Main Conference Pass Includes:
  • Three Master Class Keynote Presentations
  • Your Choice of Six Intensive Breakout Sessions
  • Lunch on Saturday and Sunday
  • Invitation to the CYL 20th Anniversary Gala Dinner Party
  • A fun-filled, life-changing spiritual love fest with your Soul Family
PLUS you can choose to upgrade your CYL experience with:
  • Your choice of a Pre-Conference Workshop
  • Your choice of a Post-Conference Workshop
  • VIP Preferred Seating
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Friday Night Buffet Dinner
Liz Dawn
Liz Dawn - Co-Founder of Mishka Productions

Dear friends of CYL,

I may not know you yet personally, but I want you to know how loved you are.

It can sometimes be hard to see or feel it… because life gets busy, someone else’s needs are put before our own, or because we simply lose our way.

I know because I started where you are now, searching for answers, yearning for growth and eager to fulfill my life’s true purpose, but clueless about where to start.

If I’ve learned anything over the past two decades, it’s this: Trust yourself to attract amazing experiences, pay attention to those magical moments of synchronicity and walk confidently toward the life you are meant to lead.

I could never have imagined that my mother Ariel and I could create this kind of force for good in the world. Twenty years later, her spirit lives on in every CYL event we put on... and she continues to light up our lives with her wisdom and love.

I am truly blessed to carry on her legacy and message of healing and I welcome you with all of my heart to this truly life-changing experience.

I hope to see you soon.

With Love,
Liz Dawn

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