This communal, loving experience was truly awesome, and it resonated throughout the area. “Celebrate Your Life” was reaffirming, revitalizing, invigorating, and enlightening all wrapped up into one beautiful, universal package.

Steve R.

I am happy to say I enjoyed every single minute of the conference. It was the first one for me and it was  “just what I needed at just the right time”.

Sheila W.

Our experience was AMAZING!  This was our 4th year at Celebrate your Life and it is definitely something we plan to continue.  It is our Spiritual Retreat for the year!

Kimberly F.

Celebrate Your Life is the best conference of its kind I’ve ever attended. Thank you!-

Lisa O.

I can’t thank you enough for all of the hard work that goes into the Celebrate Your Life conference.  I have attended the last 2 conferences and I know that my life has been changed as a result.

Susan P.

The energy of the conference and love of the people in attendance was incredible, and the experiences I had in many of the workshops extremely powerful.  I am still digesting it all and know it is an experience I won’t ever forget.

Sandra D.

My friend Paula and I just attended the CYL event for the first time ever. To say that it was a life changing experience is an understatement. It was absolutely fabulous! We are so glad that we decided to attend. The speakers were phenomenal and we met such wonderful people.

Mickie S.

I have added Celebrate Your Life to my list of life-changing events. I loved every joyful minute of it

Kathy L.

I loved Celebrate Your Life!  It was awesome!  I feel like a new person!

Debra W.

What an absolutely beautiful event! You and your teams’ efforts are more appreciated than words could ever describe on this plane

Brad C.